Fourth meeting of sub regional experts’ team on healthy diet

Last meeting of experts’ team in current school year took place on 3.6.2015. We’ve met in home economics classroom of Ob Rinži elementary school. The underlying theme of the meeting were cottage cheese dishes. Out of five dishes we prepared and tasted, two will be introduced in to school menus in the following school year. Menu on the meeting consisted of following cottage cheese dishes: cottage cheese spread, vitamin spread, buck wheat pancakes au gratin with cottage cheese, cottage cheese cakes and pasta with cottage cheese sauce. We decided to introduce Cottage cheese cakes to lunches and cottage cheese spread to breakfasts in fall.

Gratinirane ajdove palačinke s skuto. IMG_5523 Skutino pecivo. IMG_5531 Testenine s skutino omako. Testenine s skutino omako. Skutin namaz in vitaminski namaz. Gratinirane ajdove palačinke s skuto. Članice subregijskega aktiva za zdravo prehrano.
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