2. srečanje ravnateljev partnerskih osnovnih šol.

Second meeting with partnered schools headmasters

End of school year brings more than just school holidays and the long-awaited vacations. It brings with it the responsibility, to plan ahead and make arrangements for the next school year. We’ve met partnered elementary schools headmasters on 3.6.2015 to set a time table and the content of the project activities in 2015/2016 school year.

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Narastek iz prosene kaše, prosena juha, proseni narastek s piščancem in sirom, pecivo iz ajdove kaše in zelenjavni zrezki z ajdovo kašo.

Third sub regional experts group for healthy diet, 25.5.2015

Members of the sub regional healthy diet experts group met again after one-month break. The meeting was practical in nature, as our task was to prepare five dishes from buckwheat and millet porridge. We prepared millet porridge soufflé, millet soup, millet soufflé with chicken and cheese, buckwheat porridge cakes and vegetable steaks with buckwheat porridge. […]

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