Filling raised garden beds at Zbora odposlancev elementary school

On 13.5.2015 we continued our work on raised garden beds. Ana Ogorelec guided us, and pupils of 5th grades, along with three pupils from 9th grade helped us. First we dug out dirt about 20-30 cm deep. Then we embedded the frames of the gardens into the ground above the holes we dug out, and covered their inner sides with dimpled membrane, which we fixed with screws. After that, we filled the frames with branches, wood chippings and dirt we previously dug out. In the end we will fill the frames up with fertile humus soil.

DSC03084 DSC03081 DSC03082 DSC03083 DSC03086 DSC03087 DSC03089 DSC03091 DSC03092 DSC03098
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